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BTD5 Unblocked

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BTD5 Unblocked is the latest version of the greatest online game, which is loved by millions of people all over the world. In fact, BTD5 Unblocked is the best game to play at office, at home or even at school. The game was created by Ninja Kiwi in 2014. If you have never played any of this game before, I will tell you a few words about it. The main mission of the player is to place the special defense towers on the map and kill all bloons that are trying to escape. Each tower has its unique skills and powers, some of them have more powerful weapons, while others can defend larger territory. All those towers can be upgraded to become even more powerful against the bloons. Keep in mind, that as you progress in the game, the bloons are becoming stronger and you will need to unlock new towers to defend your territory. Almost everything in this game is locked at the beginning. During the game, you earn money that can be spent to unlock new stuff. Also, you are given bonus points if you kill all bloons in each level. If we compare the BTD5 Unblocked to the previous version, we will notice absolutely new graphics as well as gameplay. The developers added a lot of new towers, maps and weapons to make this game even more engaging.If you want to save your progress, you need to complete a simple registration at the beginning of the game. It will take only a few minutes but I recommend you to make it and save your gaming progress. With username and password, you can play anytime you want. If you are ready to enter the  world of BTD5 Unblocked, welcome to the BTD5Unblocked.net where you can play the official full version of the Bloons Tower Defense 5 for free. Have Fun.

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